Inklings: Spirit and Story in 20th Century England

The Table Talk series for Spring 2014 will focus on four great English literary figures of the 20th century: Chesterton, Tolkien, Sayers and Lewis. Though these authors were not all part of the famed “Inklings” in a direct sense, they all were all admirers of each other’s writings. All of these authors elegantly addressed the questions of their day, bringing them into conversation with the great themes of the Christian faith. All of them did this by writing creative and compelling works of literature. For each of these authors, we will consider how their theology informed their literature, and consider how this helped make them effective witnesses in their cultural moments. Our hope is that we can learn to follow in their footsteps in our own cultural moment!
At our first Table Talk, February 19th,  Chris Mitchell shared his insights on the author and philosopher, G.K. Chesterson.

You may view his presentation by clicking on this link:

Chris MitchellG.K. Chesterton

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March 27th Melissa Schubert shared on her studies of J.R.R. Tolkien and the inspiration he brings to her teaching

Portrait of Melissa Schubert

You may view her presentation by clicking this link: Table Talk JRR Tolkien, Melissa Schubert

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Fred Sanders presented information about the life and writings of Dorothy L. Sayers at the April 16th luncheon

Portrait of Fred Sanders

Click here to view Fred’s presentation: Table Talk Dorothy L.Sayers by Fred Sanders

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