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Faculty commonly come to Biola with excellent academic credentials, but these credentials were often earned at secular universities where the integration of faith and learning was never taught or modeled. However, when they arrive here, they are not merely supposed to be Christians with excellent academic credentials, they are supposed to be able to integrate the Christian faith with their academic discipline. Though our faculty are involved in churches and personal discipleship, and these are very valuable sources of biblical knowledge, the depth of biblical knowledge and the depth of knowledge of their academic discipline are often not equally balanced—either in quantity or quality.

Some of the resources and programs we provide to equip faculty to practice integration effectively include:

Coalition of the Willing
The Coalition of the Willing is a year-long small group experience designed to deepen faculty members’ integrative understanding of the Christian faith as well as develop a common language and set of models for doing integration. It also fosters a collegial atmosphere and provides a great way to get to know faculty members from other academic disciplines.

Summer faculty integration seminar
These seminars bring 15 faculty members together with a leading theologian for 5 days of teaching and discussion. Faculty members are required to write an integration paper at the end of the seminar and are paid for their participation. These seminars are a perfect complement to the Coalition of the Willing, providing more formal and in-depth theological instruction.

Table Talk
Table Talk seeks to provide systematic and ongoing theological education, as well as modeling effective integration of faith and learning. Table Talk uses the setting of a monthly luncheon to provide a succinct summary of an essential Christian doctrine, and then an example of that doctrine meaningfully integrated into a specific academic discipline. These sessions combine the theological expertise of a Talbot faculty member with a faculty member from the university at large who models integration within his or her discipline. Over the course of approximately four years, a fairly comprehensive set of more than 20 essential doctrines are addressed.

New Faculty Theological Training Seminar

This 10-hour training seminar is offered for new faculty and is also available for interested faculty that are already part of Biola. It is offered in three parts, one during each semester and one during interterm. Click here to view lectures and resources.

Faculty Working Groups
These working groups have tended to grow out of the shared interests of the faculty who participate in the Coalition of the Willing. They are in depth attempts at bridge-building between theology and concepts of academic or cultural significance.

Team Teaching
BBST 465 Integration Seminars are required for every Biola graduate. We are having these seminars increasingly co-taught by a discipline specific faculty member and a member of the Talbot faculty. This models the dialogical nature of integration and also maintains the highest standards of both the biblical and discipline-specific material. It has also contributed to collegiality and collaboration between faculty of the various schools.

For faculty who are teaching or planning the BBST 465 Integration Seminars click here:  BBST 465 Integration Faculty

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